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Live " 'Faster Skater' Challenge: [Date: Monday November 6th -Friday November 10th@ 4pm]

Are you Ready to Be the Fastest & Strongest Player on the Ice?

Give Us Just 30 Minutes A Day…

& OVER the next 5 Days we'll teach you how to get

 We'll Teach you how to become

Faster On the Ice
Add Speed onto your

So you can Dominate on the Ice and earn a spot on the Top Line ! 


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ARE YOU ?...

THE 'Faster Skater' Challenge Will Walk You Through...  

How To Improve Your Skating Power & Strength As Well As Your Shot Speed all at the same time! … 

You'll Be Able To Start Implementing This To Immediately Start Seeing and Feeling the Results!

Here's What You'll Learn Each Day of the

5-Day 'Faster Skater' Challenge !  



We aren't wasting any time ! We go right into the most IMPORTANT thing that most hockey player aren't doing yet but should be! We'll unveil it all and why it's so important to your game!

You'll Walk away from Day 1 having learned…

Exercises 101- What exercises are going to be best for you to be a 'Faster Skater' & have a Harder Shot!

 Why these Exercises are going to HELP you! We'll go in deep for how they will help you improve. 

 The Importance of you Training ALL YEAR! Not just during the Off Season!



On Day Two, We Go Deep into the movements that gives us that quick bursts of speed, agility, and explosive power. 

You'll Walk away from Day 2 having learned…

 What Plyometric Exercises You Should Be Doing! The Best Exercises to do to increase Athleticism, Power and Explosiveness!

 Why Plyo?! Why Adding Plyometric Exercises into your Training Regimen Will Help You!

 Plyometrics for Injury Prevention! How Plyo Movements Can Help Prevent Injuries, and keep you off the IR List! 


The Secret Formula...

Day Three we'll devote our attention to How we should structure the workouts! 

You'll Walk away from Day 3 having learned…

Structure is Key! How to tie everything together for each Workout !

 Rep Ranges Are Important & How they Work! You'll learn the 3 Main Rep Ranges and What they do for you!

Body Splits, Frequency and More!  best body splits, How Frequent You Should be Training during the season and off season etc...


Refuel Your Body!

On Day 4 we'll go over the unsung hero in your journey and why taking care of your body outside of the rink and the gym is so important to your success! You can't be strong if your body is weak and your battery is on low ! 

You'll Walk away from Today having learned…

Food is Fuel! The Important role that food has on your body! Some tips and tricks for you to begin implementing immediately! 

Supplementing, Tracking and Snacking to Succeed in our quest to dominate the Ice!

Recharge Your battery at Night !  How your body repairs, recharges and grows and while you do NOTHING! 



On day five, we’re going to cross the finish line and get you Skating Faster and Shooting Harder than Ever Before!

You'll Walk away from Day 5 having learned…

We're going to teach you the Perfect way to Stack everything together to truly optimize your bodies strength and recovery!

The biggest Key to long lasting success in all aspects of hockey and your life starts with this 1 thing !

The Mindset Hack that helps break down limiting beliefs, so you can feel deep down that YES, you can do this!

What Are You WAITING For?!

This Is Literally the BEST time to Work on improving your speed… why?? because There's no Time like the present! if you don't do it now when will you do it?… when it's tOO LATE!!

Ready To Learn how to Be a stronger and faster skater with a harder shot In Just 5 Days?

What you can expect from
the 'faster skater' challenge 

BEFORE The Challenge

  • Overwhelmed with all the information that's out there
  • ​Questioning if you'll ever reach your goals
  • Feeling Stuck with your speed and skills
  • Having the Drive but not knowing where to start...

AFTER The Challenge

  • Acheive Clarity of Where you need to focus your attention
  • Feel Confident that you're in the right direction
  • Having a step-by-step plan to improve your skills
  • ​have the drive and Determination to make the teams you want !


will you be our next SUCCESS?

"I was shooting much harder with my snap shot clocking in around 75 mph and slap shot clocking in Around 85"

 I started working with Coach Mike March 2021 after a lack luster junior season. When we started he asked me what I wanted to accomplish over the off season. I told him I wanted to be the strongest and fastest player whenever I stepped on the ice.
We started training twice a week, as well as Mike giving me things to do on my own. Over the summer I started to notice I was shooting much harder with my snap shot clocking in around 75 mph and slap shot clocking in Around 85. My skating also began to improve and when the season started I felt unstoppable. I kept going to train with Mike 1-2x/week during the season doing more maintenance work. 

I kept getting stronger and faster. When playoff season rolled around I was in the best shape of my life and I needed it. I was playing almost 32 minutes a game in 51 minute games. In the end I credit our championship victory to the new level of drive I got from training with Mike. 

- Jake Meier WVU D1 ACHA
Pittsburgh Vengeance 18U
Norwin High School

"My strides have become more powerful and I can beat others with speed."

My workouts with Coach Mike in the last year and a half has done nothing but improve my game. I have gotten a lot stronger in this time.

My shot is harder and I’m able to knock kids off the puck. I’m also a lot faster than I was last season. My strides have become more powerful and I can beat others with speed. That’s just the physical parts.

I’ve gotten much smarter just from talking to coach mike during our workouts. I implement some things in my game such as positioning and systems that maybe I didn’t think of before.

Again these workouts have only improved my game! 

Thank you,

- Nick Bruno Pittsburgh Vengeance 18U
Team USA Dek Hockey U20
Hempfield High School 

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